Equine Assisted Psychotherapy


Andrew Fuller, Psychologist & Consultant


Jane is a masterful and kind practitioner of mindful synchronicity. PosEq is invaluable!

Thank you.

Janet Etty-Leal, Meditation Capsules and Consultant

As a contrast to the intense cognitive conference experience, it felt transformative to shift from thinking/doing to being quietly present with these beautiful animals. The experience of being connected to the senses was welcome and compelling. I will take away a sense of groundedness and wholeness. Jane was an excellent facilitator. 

Suzy Green, Founder of The Positivity Institute

An incredible opportunity to just be in the presence of horses. Jane is an authentic facilitator who clearly loves what she does. The whole experience provides the opportunity for experiential positive psychology. – Suzy Green, The Positivity Institute.

James Cummins, The Positivity Project Founder

Jane is an expert facilitator who created a genuine heart filled experience for us to feel grounded and safe. The horses sense of being was wonderful to be a part of. This is a wonderful program and I look forward to Jane presenting at PESA. 

Jacqui Martin, Langley Group, Consultant

It was such a privilege to be allowed to spend time with these beautiful animals. Jane was so attuned to us and how we interacted with the horses. I will take this with me and carry the smell, the feel, the vision of these horses to remind me of how things can be. 

Roz Rimes, Canine Comprehension, Educator

The EQ session was exceptional. Jane briefed us very well. I felt calm and curious. This is exciting, pioneering work underpinned by current neurobiological science. Bravo Jane, the world needs this important work!

Saraid Doherty, Principal

Jane’s knowledge, care, expertise made this an amazing experience. I’m usually very uncomfortable around horses but Jane made me feel at ease (and ok about my discomfort). I was able to be fully present for the session. SO SPECIAL. 

Paul Sochanik, Varsity College, Wellbeing Coordinator

So enjoyed the session and just loved the teaching around “holding space” that the horses do so well. This can ultimately help to transform relationships with more awareness of such a thing. Thank you so much for allowing me to come back again. Good luck with all your work. 

Janette Bowles, Launceston Church Grammar School,  Teacher

Observing the horses and their connections to each other and then us as we entered the sensation of calmness allowed me to release some long held fears of horses. Learning how to be more aware of the horses and their reactions. Connection with the horses was great. Watching others connect and find their emotional release of an experience or feelings. Watching the horses play and having it explained and seeing the interaction of hierarchy was also beneficial to my limited understandings of horses. A fantastic experience. Jane you make life worth living and share happiness. That’s obvious.

Hannah Reid, Bayside P-12 College, Head of English

I loved the entire experience. I’ve done grounding meditation in the past but it has been much less powerful than today’s experience. I see great potential for this to help students on the autism spectrum. Thank you Jane for allowing us this experience.

Betty Chau, Gungahlin College, Director of Wellbeing

This was just what I needed! I enjoyed being mindful about myself, others and the environment. It highlighted for me the importance of being in sync and in tune with others (and as a teacher, this is particularly crucial with students). It made me more aware that calmness and to be alert but not alarmed. Thank you so much for this one-in-a-lifetime session! I am officially sold on Pos Eq!

Mother of 12 year old son with ASD

We really appreciate all the time that you dedicated to helping our son (name withheld). Your work with the horses makes an amazing difference in his life. I believe you are the first specialist that has made a huge impact on the way our son views the world and himself. Keep up the great work. 

Mother of 6 year old daughter with a dog phobia

Thank you for all the time you have put in helping our daughter (name withheld). Your knowledge, expertise and patience has allowed our daughter to develop coping skills when confronted with dogs. We are extremely grateful for the positive change which has occurred in our daughter. You offer an amazing service.